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EmptyLabyrinthLabyrinth: Meditating on God
What is a labyrinth? A labyrinth is a single path structure for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. It is not a maze and never meant to confuse. There is one way in and one way out, much like birth and death. The goal of the labyrinth is the meditative journey from the outside world to the center (to God) and from the center, back out into the world. Many times there are several people walking the labyrinth at different paces and so you will encounter your fellow “pilgrim” as you go about your personal journey.

Labyrinths are not just a Christian creation, nor are they a “New Age thing”. Instead, labyrinths have been found all over the world, in all different cultures, beginning in ancient history. The use of the labyrinth in Christianity became extremely popular in the Middle Ages when those that could not go on the Crusades to Jerusalem, made their own spiritual pilgrimages through the use of the labyrinth. Another use was for people to do the walk on their knees while praying repentance. The most famous labyrinth remaining from that time is the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth.

LabyrinthToday, we use the labyrinth as a tool to encounter God in a new way. By using our bodies and intentionally walking while we pray, as well as giving ourselves time to sit in silence in the center, we become more open to God through this type of prayer. We encourage those of you that are interested in focusing on God’s presence to experience the labyrinth.

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