Sunday morning liturgy at 10am
We invite you to join us ~ see options below


As Charles Price and Louis Weil offer in their reflection on liturgy: “Worship is our human response to the holy God…This response of faith cannot be conceived in individualistic terms. The response of faith is a personal response within the community of faith, the church, gathered in the unity of the Spirit. The unity of the church is thus not an organizational option; it is a divine imperative.” When in prayer we join our voice with those of our parish family, the whole company of heaven gathers with us. Our voices and the call of our God shape us, forming us as we form our petitions and our praises.

Sunday, 8:30 am: Contemplative Holy Eucharist, Rite II (Morning Prayer is held from Sunday of Memorial Day till Sunday after Labor Day)

We gather together and pray together in a more contemplative space.  There is no music, however we allow for more time in silence and prayer.  Please come and join us.

Sunday, 10:00 am: Choral Holy Eucharist, Rite II
We are an open and affirming community that welcomes people from all walks of life. We use the red Book of Common Prayer as we pray and worship. You will find page numbers to places in the Worship Service noted as: BCP 365. We also use liturgies from our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion.  All hymns are found in the blue book, The Hymnal 1982, unless otherwise noted. Any service music sung from The Hymnal 1982 will be marked ‘S’ (as in S165), and found in the front section of the hymnal. The scripture readings come from the Revised Common Lectionary –three cycles of Biblical readings followed by many denominations in the Christian tradition.

Acolytes serve primarily on Sundays, assisting in the worship service, and contributing to the good of the community in important ways while learning a great deal about the care we bring to the worship of God. The responsibilities include carrying the cross and torches, tending our candles, and assisting the clergy in setting the table during the Offertory. Acolytes serve in a scheduled, regular rotation. Training is offered throughout the year, as needed.

Altar Flowers
Parishioners may donate to the flower fund in honor of a loved one or for a special occasion. There is a flower chart for the year located beside the name tag holder in the Gathering Space. Feel free to sign up for any open Sunday.

Altar-300x224Altar Guild

Every week, the Altar Guild serves the parish by maintaining the Altar, Sacristy, vestments, linens, vessels, candles, and supplies for all our liturgies. The Altar Guild meets on Saturday mornings to prepare for our Sunday worship. At St. Edward’s there are six teams of two people who are responsible for preparing the altar for all services. Each team serves for two weeks four times a year (about every three months).

Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers, formerly known as LEM’s, serve the chalice of wine during our weekly worship, and at special services during the liturgical year. Serving in a regular rotation, Eucharistic Ministers arrive early to worship to coordinate with other ministers of the Table. Following training, the Bishop licenses our Eucharistic Ministers.

Ushers and Greeters
Ushers and Greeters offer hospitality, service, and support before, during and after the Sunday worship service and other special liturgies during the year. A rotation schedule is used. Ushers and Greeters offer churchgoers a smile, a copy of the service bulletin, and, when necessary, assistance in locating a seat. During the service, the Ushers remain near the back of the church to assist latecomers, anyone needing help, or those who must exit for emergencies; take a count of attendance; and assist in the distribution of the offering plates among the congregation, as well as in the presentation of those gifts before the Eucharistic Prayer. During Communion, Ushers provide for an orderly procession and offer assistance to those in need. After worship concludes, Ushers check the pews for discarded bulletins and replace the prayer books and hymnals in the chair holders.

Worship Leaders
Worship Leaders, formerly known as Lectors, read during our weekly worship and at special services during the liturgical year. Worship Leaders read on a regular rotation, and serve as one of the Intercessors, leading the Prayers of the People. Worship Leaders arrive early to worship, prepared to read the appointed lessons. Following training, the Bishop licenses our Worship Leaders.